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Class 11 Computer Science Ch 9 Flow of Control Check Point 9.1 Sumita Arora Solution

Class 11 Computer Science 083

Ch 9: Flow of Control

Check Point 9.1

Sumita Arora Book Exercise Solution

1. What is a statement? How many types of statements are there in Python?  

Answer: Statements are the instructions given to the computer to perform any kind of action. Statements from the smallest executable unit within a Python program.

There are three types of statements in Python. These are –
(a) Empty Statement
(b) Simple Statement
(c) Compound Statement

2. What is the significance of a pass statement?

Answer: Pass is an Empty statement in Python. The pass statement of python does nothing. It is simply used to complete the syntax means where syntax require a statement but logic does not. For example
if a >= 5 :
print(“Please input again”)

3. What is a compound statement? Give an example of a compound statement.

Answer: A compound statement is a set/group of statements, which is counted as one unit in a Python program. In Python, a compound statement has a header ending with a colon (:) and a body containing a sequence of statements at the same level of indentation.

Indentation is very important in the case of writing a compound statement.

For example:
if a == 5 :
print(“You entered 5”)
print(“It is odd prime number”)
print(“Please input again”)

4. What are the three constructs that govern statement flow?

Answer: Three constructs that govern statement flow are –
(a) Sequence
(b) Selection
(c) Iteration

5. What is the need for selection and looping constructs?

Answer: A selection statement is required to take the decision in real life. A looping statement is required to execute the same set of statements more than one time or till the condition is true.

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