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Class 9 Information Technology 402 Unit 3 Digital Documentation Sumita Arora Solution

Class 9 Information Technology – Solution of Sumita Arora

Session 1: Getting Started with Word Processing

Q1. What are the advantages of a word processor over typewriters?

Ans:- Advantages of a Word Processor over typewriters are:-

  • Fast
  • Editing
  • Permanent storage
  • Formatting
  • Graphics
  • OLE
  • Spell Check
  • Mail Merge

Q2. What is text area? What do you understand by a workspace?

Ans:- Text area-The area where we write/type the text is the text area.

Workspace- It is the layout of commands in the screen available to the user.

Q3. Expand the term WYSIWYG. Why is Writer called a WYSIWYG program?

Ans:- WYSIWYG means What You See Is What You Get. The writer is WYSIWYG program, that is, the screen, shows us exactly how our document will look when we print it out.

Q4. What are non-printing characters? What are the different marks that Writer uses for displaying nonprinting characters?

Ans:- The characters which do not appear on the paper when we print a document are known as non-printing characters e.g.-space bar, Enter key etc.

  • For Enter Key, the Writer placed a paragraph mark (¶)
  • For the Space bar, Writer placed a space mark ( . ) in the document.
  • For Tab Key, Writer placed a tab mark (->)

Q5. Which command is used to save a file in Writer? Which command will let you Exit from Writer?

Ans:– Ctrl + S is used to save a file in Writer.
Alt + F4 will let you Exit from Writer.

Q6. Which of the following shortcuts is used to used to open a new file in Writer?

Ans:- Ctrl + N

Q7. Where does a text or graphic go when you cut it or copy it?

Ans:- Clipboard.

Q8. Define the term word wrap.

Ans:- The placement of text going past the right margin to the next line is called word wrap.

Q9. Define margins. How can you set these margins in OOo Writer?

Ans:- The margin is the distance from the text to the paper’s edge. By ruler line, we can set these margins in OOo Writer.

Q10. What is meant by indentation? What are the different types of indents possible?

Ans:- The distance between text boundaries and page margins is called indent. There Are three types of indents

a. Positive Indent- The text is a little inward from the margins.

b. Negative Indent- The text is little outward from the margins.

Hanging Indent- The text with the hanging indent is little inward from the first line of text.

Q11. What is the difference between paragraph indenting and page margin?

Ans:- Paragraph indenting is the space left at the beginning of starting any paragraph
while page margin is the amount of blank white space at each side.

Q12- What is text alignment? How many ways can you align your text in?

Ans:- The text layout within a paragraph with respect to document margins is known as Text alignment. We can align text in two ways

1. Horizontal Alignment- It refers to the text alignment with respect to left and right margins.

2. Vertical Alignment- It refers to the text alignment with respect to the top and bottom margins.

Q13. What are headers and footers in Writer? Where do they appear in a document?

Ans:- A header or footer is text or graphics such as a page number, the date, or a company logo that is usually printed at the top or bottom of each page in a document.
The header is printed in the top margin and a footer is in the bottom margin.

Q14. What is a clipboard? How is it useful?

Ans:- The clipboard is that temporary storage area, which is used for keeping the cut/copied text/graphics. This cut/copied text/graphics can be used for copying/pasting it elsewhere.

Q15. What are the advantages of finding or replacing features of a word processor?

Ans:- 1. We can search for any particular word. We can correct or change any word.

Q16. Write short notes on features of paragraph formatting in Writer?

Ans:- 1. Add border to paragraph.
2. Add automatic lines.
3. Adjust space before and after.
4. Add paragraph numbering.

Q17. Explain the difference between Left, Centre, Right, and Justified alignments.
When you do think left justification is preferable over justified alignment?

Ans:- Left alignment is used to align the text on the left side.
Right alignment is used to align the text on the right side.
Centre alignment is used to align the text at the center of the page.
Justified alignment joins the text with both the left and right margins.

When we want to scan and comprehend sentences quickly and efficiently then left justification is preferable over justified alignment.

Session 2: Setting up Writer and Formatting Documents

Class 9 – Information Technology Solution

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