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Class 9 IT 402 Unit 1 Introduction to IT ITeS Industry Sumita Arora Question Answer

Class 9 Information Technology Code 402

Unit 1 Introduction to IT ITeS Industry

Sunita Book Arora Exercise Question Answer


Que 1. What is IT?

Answer: Information Technology (IT) means creating, managing, storing and exchanging information using all types of technology to deal with information.

Que 2. What is ITeS?

Answer: When IT and its tools are used for operations like improving manufacturing or customer service or transcription or content, back office operations, etc. it is known as IT-enabled Services (ITeS)

Que 3. How are IT and ITeS interrelated?

Answer: IT is Information Technology that allows to deal with information and ITeS is the IT enabled Services, which means IT helps the service industry to provide the quality

Que 4. What is BPO?

Answer: BPO stands for Business Processing Outsourcing. BPO is the outsourcing of a specific set of business process activities mainly operational and routine tasks.

Que 5. What is BPM?

Answer: BPM (Business Process Management) outsourcing to handles a whole range of business processes, mainly core tasks, and technical tasks.

Que 6. How are BPO and BPM interrelated?

Answer: BPO and BPM both are in the category of ITeS Industry. Both are outsourcing.

Que 7. List some BPO services.

Answer: Customer Interaction Service, Basic Human Resource Service, Web Promotion Service, Software Testing Services, etc.

Que 8. List some BPM services.

Answer: Back-office transactions, IT and Software services, Knowledge Services, etc.

Que 9. What is a Call Centre?

Answer: A Call Centre is a service centre with good telecom facilities, trained consultants, access to the Internet and other online information.

Que 10. What are the categories of BPO vendors?

Answer: Offshore Vendors – are located outside of the company’s own country.

Nearshore vendors – are located in neighboring countries.

Onshore vendors – operate within the same country as the contractor.

Que 11. What are the categories of BPM companies?

Answer: Categories of IT-BPM companies are

(i) Multi-national Companies (MNCs) – having headquarters in one country, but they operate in multiple locations worldwide.

(ii) Indian Service Providers (ISP) – having headquarters in India but offices in many international locations.

(iii) Global In-house Centers (GIC) – that provide services to own parent company.

Que 12. List some applications of IT.

Answer: Business, Communication, Medicine and Healthcare, Education, Research, Sports, Military, Banking, Law Enforcement

Que 13. What is a digital locker?

Answer: Digital Locker is a system to provide citizens with real-time access to dematerialised documents issued by various Government and Private Agencies.

Que 14. What are chatbots?

Answer: A chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software that can simulate a conversation with a user in natural language through messaging applications, websites, mobile apps or through the telephone.

Que 15. List some IT applications in the field of:
(a) Banking
(b) Marketing
(c) Entertainment
(d) Education
(e) Healthcare
(f) Government and Public Sector


(a) Banking – Account Maintenance, Online Banking, Net Banking, ATMs, Auditing, etc.
(b) Marketing – Sales Forecasting, Predicting Patterns, Filtering of Data, etc.
(c) Entertainment – Editing, Mixing, Animation, PhotoShop, Designing, etc.
(d) Education – Teaching Aids, Online Teaching & Assessment, Virtual Libraries, Research, Virtual Classrooms, etc.
(e) Healthcare – Illness Diagnosis, Monitoring Patients, Surgery, Useful Tool, etc.
(f) Government and Public Sector – Tax Processing, Budgeting, Automated Functions, Census Work, etc.

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