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Class 10 IT 402 Digital Documentation Session 3: Mail Merge Sumita Arora Book Solution

Digital Documentation Advanced

Session 3: Mail Merge


Que 1: In Writer, what is the Mail Merge Wizard used for?

Answer: Generating form letters, e-mail, or mailing labels using names and addresses listed in Writer or Calc, a database, or e-mail contacts.

Que 2: You are sending a document to many people whose individual details you have in the form of a table. What feature do you

Answer: Use the Mail Merge feature.

Que 3: Which option of OOo Writer will you use to post 100 letters in which the contents inside are the same and addresses are different?

Answer: Mail Merge

Que 4: What is the data source in the context of mail merge? Give advantages of the Mail Merge feature.

Answer: The data source stores the information to be brought into the main document. The data source table contains a column for each category of information. It is also known as an Address database.

Mail merge is a feature, that allows to generation of labels, envelopes, and e-mails of more than 100 people in one go. It is an advanced feature of OOo Writer, which merges two documents data source and main document, and creates desired letters, email, envelopes, etc.

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