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Class 10 IT 402 Digital Documentation Session 2: Images in a Document Book Solution

Unit 1 – Digital Documentation Advanced

Session 1 – Styles in a Document

Check Your Knowledge – MCQs

1. ______ menu contains image related options.

Answer: Format

2. _____ controls the flow of text around an image.

Answer: wrap options

3. ______ removes a part of an image starting from an edge.

Answer: crop

4. ______ combines multiple images/drawing objects in a way that they behave like one object.

Answer: Group

5. To resize an image, you can drag from a rectangle on the edge of a selected image, known as ______?

Answer: sizing handles

6. ______ qualify as drawing objects.

Answer: Autoshapes, Curves, TextArts, Graphics, Lines

7. Which toolbar has commands to work with drawing objects?

Answer: Drawing

8. To change the line style or fill style of a drawing object, you can use the command ______?

Answer: Format > Object > Line/Area

9. Write the property of a drawing object.

Answer: Brightness, Color, Width

10. Removing unwanted area from an image is known as ______ of an image.

Answer: Cropping

11. To repeat the graphic across the entire background area, we need to select _____ option in word processor.

Answer: Tile

12. ______ is particularly useful when creating a watermark or when wrapping the image in the background of a document.

Answer: Transparency

13. Controlling the flow of text around an image is called ______?

Answer: Wrap Settings & Text Wrap

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