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Class 10 Computer Application Code 165 Chapter 1 – Internet Basics (Type B) Sumita Arora Book Exercise Solution

Chapter 1 – Internet Basics

Sumita Arora Book Exercise Question Answer Solution

Type – B: Application Based Questions

Type – B: Application Oriented Questions

Que 1. PJM Bank has a Head Office based in Banglore and a large number of branches nationwide. The Head Office and branches communicate using the Internet.

Give two features of the Internet.

Answer: Features of the Internet are –

  • (i) Due to the Internet, People can communicate fastly, efficiently, and effectively.
  • (ii) No need to keep multiple copies of the same information, due to the internet anyone can access that information by storing it in one place i.e. server.
  • (iii) Sharing of resources becomes very easy.

Que 2. Chirpy Toys is a small company manufacturing soft toys. They have decided that it would b beneficial to the company to create a website, which would allow customers to order online.

(a) Explain how a customer who did not know the company’s website address could gain to the site.

Answer: With the help of a Search Engine.

Any customer can search the “Chirpy Toys” in Google / Bing / Yahoo Search engine. This search engine will provide the website name and other details of Chirpy Toys

(b) Describe how Chirpy Toys would benefit from the introduction of a website.

Answer: Benefits of the introduction of a Website for Chirpy Toys-

  • Chirpy Toys can get more customers from different cities, states and countries.
  • The sales of Chirpy Toys increased due to the Website.
  • The popularity of Chirpy Toys also increased.
  • The reach of Chirpy Toys also increased.

(c) Describe how the customers would benefit from the introduction of the website.

Answer: Benefits from the Introduction of the Website to the Customers

  • Customers can access the Chirpy Toys from any location.
  • Customers can list out all products of Chirpy Toys by sitting at their homes/offices.
  • Customers can give orders online.
  • No need to go to the office/stores of Chirpy toys, they can visit online. It saves time and money for Customers.

(d) Give three disadvantages of using the Internet to purchase goods.

Answer: Disadvantages of using the Internet to purchase goods are –

  • Not able to check the product physically, before purchasing it online.
  • Maybe a wrong product or a lower quality product will be delivered.
  • Maybe face issues related to payment and delivery.
  • Chances of stolen bank details/customer id and password/credit or debit card information. i.e Online Fraud.

Que 3. Simon has a villa, which he rents to holidaymakers. He creates a website to advertise the Simon chooses an ISP to host his website.

The structure of his website is shown below,

(a) State what Simon should have on his home page to help users navigate his website.

Answer: Hyperlinks of different posts/pages/domains.

(b) Simon uploads his website files to the ISP host computer.

(i) State what ISP means.

Answer: ISP means Internet Service Provider.

(ii) Name the Internet service that Simon uses to upload his website files.

Answer: Uploading documents.

(iii) Name the type of data transmission that takes place when his website files are transferred to the host computer from Simon’s computer.

Answer: FTP or HTTP

(c) The URL for the Web page which has a map is :

http : //www. indiaisp. co. in/ simonsvilla/map.html

(i) State the domain name for this Web page.


(ii) Describe the function of the Domain Name Service.

Answer: The main function of Domain Name Service is to provide a unique character-based domain name to each web sites.

The Domain Name System is translating domain names into a specific IP address so that the initiating client can load the requested Internet resources

(d) Simon registers details of his website with a search engine company. State one reason why this will benefit Simon.

Answer: To index your website on Google/Bing, you must have to Register details of the website with a search engine company.

This way search engine is able to show your website in their search list when anyone tries to search it.

Que 4. The Internet is a series of interconnected computers throughout the world.

(a) Name one of the services that is offered on the Internet.

Answer: Email, Blog, Newsgroup, etc.

(b) When using the World Wide Web, a user can type in the web address of a page they look at.

Suggest one other way that a user could go to a web page.

Answer: By searching websites with their details or purpose in Google search.

Que 5. Shashwat accesses a web page which gives tips on how best to play the game. The URL is :


(a) What server is hosting this web page ?

Answer: HTTP

(b) What is the name of the file being accessed?

Answer: faq.html

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