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Class 10 Computer Application Code 165 Chapter 1 – Internet Basics Sumita Arora Book Exercise Solution

Chapter 1 – Internet Basics

Sumita Arora Book Exercise Question Answer Solution

Type – A: Theoretical Questions

Que 1. What is WWW? How does it function?

Answer: The World Wide Web (WWW) is a set of programs, standards, and protocols that allows multimedia and hypertext files to be created, displayed, and linked on the Internet.

WWW is the collection of documents i.e. it is a repository, where information is stored, and available to the client when it is requested.

Que 2. What is a server? What is a web server?

Answer: A server is a computer that has server software loaded on it. Its main job is to share resources for clients like printers, files, sharing storage. For example mail server, file server, etc.

A Web server is a WWW server that stores web documents and responds to the request made by the web browsers. Some examples of web servers are Apache, UUS, ngix, GWS, Netsite, etc.

Que 3. Enlist some services provided by a server on a network.

Answer: Services provided by a Server are –

  • (a) Resources (Hardware / Software) Sharing
  • (b) File Sharing
  • (c) Centralised Virus Scanning
  • (d) Centralised Backup

Que 4. Enlist some services provided by a web server.

Answer: Services provided by a Web Server are –

  • (a) Serving Web Pages
  • (b) Running Gateway CGI program and Returning output
  • (c) Controlling access to the Server
  • (d) Monitoring and Logging all Access
  • (e) Server Side Scripting

Que 5. Name some web server software prominently in use.

Answer: Apache Tomcat, IIS, UUS, ngix, GWS, Netsite

Que 6. Differentiate between a web page and a home page.

Answer: A document using HTTP that resides on a website is known as a web page.

The home page is the top-level web page of a website. This is the page that gets displayed first of all when a website is opened.

Chapter 2 – Internet Services & Mobile Technologies

Que 7. How is a website different from a web portal?

Answer: A web portal is a collection of web services like email, search engine, gaming, weather, news, etc., while a Website is a collection of webpages, offering specialized services.

Example : Web Portal => Google, Yahoo, Rediff, MSN< AOL, etc.

Website =>,

Que 8. What are the components of a website?

Answer: Components of websites are –

  • (a) Webhost
  • (b) Address
  • (c) Homepage
  • (d) Design
  • (e) Content
  • (f) The Navigation structure

Que 9. What are the components of a webpage?

Answer: Components of web pages can be categorized in two ways:

(a) Content-wise and (b) Structure wise.

  • (a) Components of web pages according to Content wise
    • (i) Hypertext and
    • (ii) Hyperlink
  • (b) Components of web pages according to Structure wise
    • (i) Page Title
    • (ii) Header
    • (iii) Body of the web page
    • (iv) Navigational Links, and
    • (v) Footer.

Que 10. The first page on a website that allows you to navigate to other pages via a menu system or links is known as (a) front page (b) primary page (c) home page (d) first page (e) main page

Answer: (c) Home page

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