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Chapter 2 – Internet Services and Mobile Technologies (Type – B) Sumita Arora Book Exercise Solution

Chapter 2 – Internet Services and Mobile Technologies

Class 10 Computer Application Code 165

Type B: Application-Oriented Questions – Answers

Que 1. When an e-mail is received it can be sent on to other e-mail addresses. This is :

         (a) forwarding         b) replying            c) mailing            d) attaching

Answer: (a) forwarding

Que 2. PJM Bank has a Head Office based in Banglore and a large number of branches nationwide. The Head Office uses video conferencing to communicate with the branch managers.

(i) Identify the requirements to be fulfilled by each branch for video conferencing.

Answer: Multimedia PC, Camera, Video Compression hardware, Internet Connection, VideoPhone Software

(ii) Describe three benefits to the bank of using video conferencing.

Answer: Three benefits to the banks of using video conferencing are –

  • (i) Save travel cost and travel time.
  • (ii) The manager can communicate with Zonal Manager without traveling.
  • (iii) Quick response can be given on any report
  • (iv) Ideas and knowledge can be communicated between all those at the meeting very quickly.

(iii) Describe three problems that may occur when using video conferencing.

Answer: Three problems occurs when using video conferencing are –

  • (i) Additional cost, to purchase specific hardware & software.
  • (ii) Delay between responses due to technical issues.
  • (iii) Very difficult to find the suitable time, when communicate with different time zone people.

Que 3. (a) Give two ways, other than video conferencing, in which branches are able to communicate. Give one advantage for each.

Answer: (a) E-mail

Advantages: Easy to send and receive documents, Keep records

(b) Online chat

Advantages: Quick delivery of the message, Able to send or receive a quick response, Good for online help.

Que 3. (b) There has been a large increase in the number of customers who use the Internet banking facilities offered by PJM Bank.

Give two reasons why customers choose to use Internet banking.

Answer: Advantages of using Internet banking are –

  • (a) 24 x 7 Banking services are available,
  • (b) Easy to send and receive payment
  • (c) Helps in online shopping
  • (d) Banking services

Que 4. (a) Juhi uses a computer to send e-mails to her sister in America.

(i) Juhi has a photograph stored on her computer that she wants to send to her sister. Describe the process of sending an e-mail with a photograph.

Answer: Process of sending e-mail with a photograph are –

  • (a) Open Google Chrome or any Web browser
  • (b) Type URL of mail service provider like,
  • (c) Login to your e-mail account.
  • (d) Select the Compose New mail option,
  • (e) Type the receive e-mail id
  • (f) Type the Subject
  • (g) Type the message in message box
  • (h) Attach photograph by clicking on attach button
  • (i) Click on send button.

(ii) Explain what all types of files can she send with e-mail ?

Answer: She can send – document, image, video, audio, application, etc. almost all types of files.

Que 4. (b) Juhi is researching Indian freedom struggle history on the Internet. She uses a search engine to help her.

(i) The computer sometimes takes a long time to respond when Juhi enters a question into the search engine. Give two reasons why this might happen.

Answer: When Juhi enters the question, Search engine displays the search result based on each word of the question. That’s why it takes a longer time.

(ii) The search engine returned a large number of links when she entered ‘Gandhi’. Give two things Juhi can do to reduce the number of links.

Answer: (a) Write Gandhi inside the double quotes. (b) Put some more words with Gandhi inside the quotes to reduce the number of links in the result.

Que 5. Swirlpool is a company that sells washing machines from its website. Sophie buys a washing machine from the Swirlpool website.

(a) What is this way of shopping called ?

Answer: e-Shopping

(b) Describe one advantage to the customers of e-sales.

Answer: Convenience, Vast range of products, 24 x 7 shopping

(c) Swirlpool encourages its employees to study online and enhance their skills. What is the term that describes this form of learning?

Answer: e-Learning

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