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Class 10 Computer Application Chapter 5 – HTML III : Audio Video and Forms Sumita Arora Solution

Chapter 5: HTML III – Audio, Video and Forms

Type A: Theoretical Questions

Solution of Sumita Arora

1. Name some popular audio and video formats.

Answer: Some popular Audio Formats are :- MP3, WAV, MIDI, m4a, ogg.

Some popular Video formats are : ASF, AVI, MPEG, QuickTime, RealVideo, mp4, webm, ogv

2. Name the tags that can be used to insert audio and video files in webpage.

Answer: Tags used for Audio – <EMBED> and <AUDIO>

Tags used for Video – <EMBED>, and <VIDEO>

3. What character is displayed on the password forms when the user inputs characters?

Answer: An asterisk *

4. Which attribute is used for radio buttons?

Answer: type attribute of <input> tag with value ‘radio’ is used for radio buttons.

5. Write all attribute of <textarea>?

Answer: name, rows, and columns

6. What attributes can be used with the SELECT form?

Answer: name and size

7. Is the size attribute valid for the submit button?

Answer: No

8. Write the attributes of FORM?

Answer: Main attributes of <form> are Name, Action, Method, Target, Enctype

9. A label for attribute should match the input’s _______?

Answer: id

10. Crates blank text field, but shows the text as asterisks.

Answer: <input type=”password”>

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