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Class 10 Computer Application 165 Cyberethics Sumita Arora Book Exercise Solution

Class 10 Computer Application code 165 Question Answer

Chapter 7: Cyberethics

Sumita Arora Book Exercise Question Answer Solution

Type A: Theoretical Questions

Que 1. What do you understand by the privacy of data in the e-commerce context?

Answer: Privacy is the protection of personal information given online. In e-commerce especially, it is related to a company’s policies on the use of user data.

Que 2. What role does consumer consent play in implementing the privacy of user data?

Answer: User consent play a vital role in implementing the privacy of user data. User consent decides what information can and cannot be used.

Que 3. What is the responsibility of an e-commerce merchant to ensure before getting the user’s consent about his/her details usage?

Answer: The e-commerce merchant must respect the privacy of user data. Before getting the consent, the merchant must clearly state about how the user data will be used in the terms and conditions of its site and implement technical safeguards for the safety of data provided by the user.

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