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Class 9 Computer Application Presentation Tool OpenOffice Impress Sumita Arora Solution

Presentation Tool OpenOffice Impress

Que 10. Differentiate between a Slide and Side Show.

Ans: A slide is a combination of different elements such as text boxes, images, clip art, etc.
A Slide Show is an electronic presentation, which runs on a computer screen or a projection device to show the slide and its content.

Que 11. You want to view the outline along with the slide which view will you open your Impress presentation in?

Ans: Outline View

Que 12. What are design templates in Impress?

Ans: A design template is actually a perdefined file that contains pre-defined element-styles for presentation.

Que 13. What are transition effects?

Ans: Transitions are special effects that introduce a slide in slide show.

Que 14. How is animation useful in the context of Side Shows?

Ans: Animations are special sound or visual effects added to text and other objects of slides. During the slide show, the apperance of content i.e. text, image, drawing, audio, video, etc, can be controlled by the Animation effect.

Que 15. What is presentation graphics? What is its significance?

Ans: Presentation graphics is a specialized type of graphics software. These programs are used to create professional-looking visual aids for an audience.

Que 16. What are the various components of a slide? Write their usage.

Ans: Various components of slides are :

  • Title – A descriptive heading identifying a slide.
  • Subtitle – A descriptive message of the slide data.
  • Drawing objects -These include autoshapes, curves, lines etc.
  • Clipart and Pictures – Openoffice suite comes with its own set of pictures in the Gallery. These pictures are called Clipart or pictures.

Que 17. What are various views, in which you can open your presentation?

Ans: There are six ways to view your presentation –

  1. Normal View
  2. Outline View
  3. Slide View
  4. Slide Sorter View
  5. Slide Show View
  6. Notes View

Que 18. When is Side Sorter view useful for viewing a presentation?

Ans: Slide Sorter view is useful to display the entire set of slides on-screen so that we can check the order and completeness of our presentation.

Que 19. What is Outline? What is its significance?

Ans: The outline view displays only the text of the presentation in outline form. This view is used for rearranging the order of slides, editing titles and headings, rearranging the order of items in a list and adding new slides.

Que 20. In Normal view three panes are shown, Name these three panes along with their usage.

Ans: Three panes in Normal view are –
(a) Slides Pane: contains slides that are added in the presentation.
(b) Workspace – shows the slide in full size to add the content like text, image, etc.
(c) Tasks Pane – contains most commonly used formatting options that cna make a presentation more effective.

Que 21. Which pane can you insert the speaker’s notes in?

Ans: Notes pane.

Que 22. What do you understand by Handouts? How are they useful?

Ans: The Handout view lets us print our slides for a handout. Handouts basically are compressed version of a slide useful for printing.

Que 23. Which menu and command let your insert animation in your slide?

Ans: Slide Show -> Custom Animation

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